Rural entrepreneurship training

Rural entrepreneurship training
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Day 1: What for entrepreneurship in rural areas?

Africa has 1.2 billion inhabitants in 2017 . The continent is expected to reach 2.5 billion inhabitants by 2050 . According to Investors & Partners African GDP will have increased sevenfold, reaching the current Chinese GDP and Africa will become the most economically dynamic region. The private sector is positioned as a growth driver in this process. The rural world would be the center of investment and the engine of the economy if we speak in terms of the production of raw materials. The importance of rural development is closely linked by interdependence with sustainable development and poverty in the world. SMEs contribute to30% of GDP and 17% of jobs created . By promoting rural entrepreneurship and sustainable development, we want to play a central role in the transformation, innovation and development of rural areas in their role as economic drivers through the creation of micro-enterprises.

In 1998, a famine called famine had shaken Chad and several Sahel countries. The lack was real and the rural world in particular had paid the price. What did we learn from this? What are the strategies and plan to prevent the return of this scourge? How to move to the next stage of development? How can we talk about the flowering of African nations if the engine of the economy is a prey to chance? All relevant questions. We realized that the awareness and the necessary actions are access to information, training, mentoring and partnership.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) affirms that development must be generated by the people directly concerned and that in a total autonomy without intervention of external help. UNDP qualifies the level of development of a country by these four criteria:

  • Productivity that allows a process of accumulation of wealth;
  • Social justice: the legal distribution of these riches;
  • Sustainability: which characterizes the continuous process of development in the future;
  • To generate by the population itself and not by outside help.

This puts you and me at the center of the action and makes us responsible for Africa’s level of development in the years to come. As AfDB President Akinwumi Adesina said, ”  it is Africa that should feed the world, not the other way around“.

AGRITRANSCOM SARL is an agribusiness company whose vision is ” to be a parent company of agribusiness by innovating the African food industry” . Convinced that the success of a company will be to meet the needs of society and with the aim of boosting development in the rural world, the company also has a social dimension which is that of establishing entrepreneurship. , train young people and women in entrepreneurship for a positive transformation. We have set ourselves the following objectives with partner companies , the Kanbiotech Group and Confort Technologie for this first online training and on the social network Facebook:

  1. Learn to generate profits from an activity;
  2. Know how to calculate the cost of production;
  3. Know how to fix the price of a product or a commodity;
  4. Manage the threats and problems of creating IGAs and;
  5. Expand its commercial activities;

This training is a sharing of experiences, a call to action and responsibility. We rely on this statement by Mr. Godet To call you to action: ”  It’s good because yesterday’s lack of anticipation that the present is cluttered with questions, yesterday insignificant, but now urgent .” Are you ready to create Africa, which will be the most economically dynamic region?


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