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Agritranscom App is available in android playstore, for farmers to download, access resources, build more capacity.


Farmers and Small Agribusinesses can subsribe to our farm to market training, agribusiness networking and business skills development.

Direct Money Investment

Cooperatives can now access small loans, and other farm input facilities to enhance their capabilities and improve their farm yields, there by reducing hunger.

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Agritranscom has created physical and virtual store for farmers to sell their produce. They also have the opportunity to export both locally and internationally.

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    mars 23, 2019 No Comments

    J’avais toujours espéré rencontrer le DEVELOPPEMENT, pour en fin apprendre à la source et limiter mon ignorance. Il y a des jours où je suis confiant, fier de ce peuple qui se bat. Il y a aussi des jours sombres où je vois ce peuple en voie de sous-développement. Des individus qui se développent en détruisant

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  • YALI Voices Podcast Mystère Diksia on Agribusiness and Building Resilience in Communities
    décembre 17, 2015 No Comments

    https://yali.state.gov/yali-voices-podcast-mystere-diksia-on-agribusiness-and-building-resilience-in-communities/ When a famine spread across his village in Chad, Mystère Belmamou Diksia knew his purpose in life from then on was to eradicate hunger in his community. Graduating as a geological engineer, Diksia worked as a mud logging analyst for three years with an endgame in mind: save enough money to create ways to

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  • Rural entrepreneurship training
    décembre 17, 2015 No Comments

    Day 1: What for entrepreneurship in rural areas? Africa has 1.2 billion inhabitants in 2017 . The continent is expected to reach 2.5 billion inhabitants by 2050 . According to Investors & Partners African GDP will have increased sevenfold, reaching the current Chinese GDP and Africa will become the most economically dynamic region. The private sector is positioned as a growth driver in this process. The rural world would

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YALI Voices Podcast Mystère Diksia on Agribusiness and Building Resilience in Communities

Écoute le Quand la famine a envahi son village au Tchad, Mystère Belmamou Diksia a compris que son but dans la vie était désormais d'éliminer la faim dans sa communauté. Diplômée en tant qu'ingénieur géologue, Diksia a travaillé pendant trois ans en tant qu'analyste de la diagraphie de boue avec un objectif final: économiser suffisamment d'argent pour créer des moyens de mettre fin à la pauvreté et de créer des opportunités.